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This will be my last word in SEEING THINGS, at least for now. Two new ventures have opened up for me, and I can’t afford to turn them down. I’ve become the New York-based dance critic for Bloomberg News, and I’ve begun contributing regularly to the Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times. That’s about all the dance writing I can manage and still pay attention to my “other life”—writing for children.

I will miss many things about writing for ArtsJournal. One of the most important is the association with its founder and editor, Doug McLennan, whose inventiveness, apparent to AJ’s ever-growing readership, is equaled by the generosity I’ve known in working with him.

SEEING THINGS will continue to be available to readers. To access it, use this link: A link to SEEING THINGS will also appear on the ArtsJournal home page (, in the right hand column, under “AJBlog Heaven.” I suspect this is the only Paradise I’ll ever attain, apart from those moments of bliss I experience while watching glorious dancers performing a splendid dance.

Fra Angelico: The Last Judgment: Paradise, ca. 1435-40; Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany; Photo: Jörg P. Anders

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