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Archives for December 2005

Big Apple Circus

Two beautiful solo aerialists soar high overhead like fearless angels--a young woman on a flying trapeze, twisting her pulchritudinous body into amazing configurations, and a daring young man masquerading convincingly as Peter Pan. Village Voice 11/14/05 … [Read more...]

Cisne Negro Dance Company

Vasco Wellencamp's Canticos Misticos (to blaringly miked excerpts from Handel's Messiah) contains several semi-abstract images that go right to the heart of the matter, many a pretty moment that confuses sentiment with deep feeling, and an unfortunate desire to cater to the dancers' inner athlete that just about defines the company's aesthetic. Village Voice 11/29/05 … [Read more...]


While some of Adrienne Celeste Fadjo's dancers outclassed their material, the overall impression was that of work not yet at a professional level. Village Voice 11/23/05 … [Read more...]


BALLROOM UNDER THE SKY Midsummer Night Swing: First there's a 45-minute lesson, then, as the sun slowly goes down over the plaza, two hours of unfettered outdoor dancing to the vivacious sounds of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. "Make yourself sassy," the instructor calls, as a marvelously motley crowd rehearses the basics of the lindy hop. "There's a difference between wonderbread and groovin'." Bodies hunker into lowdown mode. Feet swivel in and out without impeding the jaunty backstep, step, step, backstep, kick, kick. The dancing … [Read more...]

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