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Archives for October 2005


David Hallberg, dancing with American Ballet Theatre / City Center, NYC / October 19 – November 6   When I first got addicted to ballet, type casting prevailed. The men naturally selected to play Princes (Swan Lake’s Siegfried, Giselle’s Albrecht) were as tall, handsome, and harmoniously proportioned creatures as a company’s roster could provide, their dancing a marriage of exactitude and flow. Management assigned these latter-day Greek gods Odette-Odiles and Giselles with matching attributes.   Demi-caractère dancers … [Read more...]

“Ballets Russes”

This splendid documentary film shows how the Ballets Russes evolved into a pair of rival companies that crisscrossed America, seducing both cultural innocents and sophisticates with glamour, beauty, and transcendence. Village Voice 10/18/05 … [Read more...]

Juilliard Dance Ensemble

Abetted by the hypnotic effect of Steve Reich's Drumming, Eliot Feld's Sir Isaac's Apples seems to offer a God's-eye view of a human colony persevering in a faraway landscape. Village Voice 10/14/05 … [Read more...]

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