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Archives for September 2005

Kim Whittam & Company; Compagnia Danza Francesca Selva

Whittam's lithe, upbeat dancers look vastly at ease in movement that's both slinky and bubbly, laced with the warmth and trust necessary to its contact improv tactics; Selva's Just Walking looks like it wants to be "about" something--postmodern anomie, the vicissitudes of love, Tuscan traditions--but it never makes clear just what. Village Voice 9/19/05 … [Read more...]

Glen Rumsey Dance Project

The dancers serve as mere mannequins for ravishing, bizarre outfits featuring transparent plastics, floating gauze, crimson in a dozen dramatic guises, and pearly balloons. Village Voice 9/19/05 … [Read more...]


My most recent book for children, WISHES FOR YOU, with pictures by the celebrated Danish illustrator Henri Sorensen, has just been issued by HarperCollins Children’s Books in a paperback edition. It makes a wonderful present for very young children--and for their parents, grandparents, and other well-wishers. The book can be ordered, in either hardcover or paperback, via or And, yes, it is, in a sense, autobiographical. … [Read more...]

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