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Archives for July 2005

Tom Pearson; Joyce SoHo Presents

The movement of "Reel"--now angular and thrusting against the air, now sinuously splayed against the ground--looked as if it might belong to an ancient tribal culture with ties to various postmodern nations (Tom Pearson); With no obvious structure and only the smallest hints of message, Breezy Berryman's "Widow's Walk" satisfied simply through the precision, vitality, and rhythmic sense of its five robust dancers (Joyce SoHo Presents). Village Voice 7/25/05 … [Read more...]


Bolshoi Ballet / Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center, NYC / July 18-30, 2005 Sometimes I wish we could TiVo live performances. I’m thinking just now of the Bolshoi Ballet’s Don Quixote. It had some marvelous moments, one of which I’d be happy to revisit in perpetuity—when I saw it the second time I was amazed that such a miracle could be repeated—but, for the bulk of the production, a single sighting was plenty. The choreography has evolved from Marius Petipa’s 1869 original (Petipa led the Kirov Ballet, but made his feisty Don Q for … [Read more...]


I didn't so much mind the gratuitous brutal hostility--one must, after all, move with the times--but the adolescent acting out of childish fantasies rooted in the grotesquely disgusting . . . Village Voice 7/19/05 … [Read more...]

Mark Foehringer Dance Project/San Francisco

In a ruminative homoerotic duet rife with emotional subtlety, even acrobatic moves look like the characters' natural means of expression. Village Voice 7/19/05 … [Read more...]


American Ballet Theatre / Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center, NYC / May 23 – July 16, 2005 Ever on the lookout for lavishly decorated program-length story ballets—the sort of entertainment the general dance-going public apparently prefers to sterner affairs—American Ballet Theatre joined the U.K.’s Royal Ballet to revive Frederick Ashton’s 1952 Sylvia. The ballet is set to delectable music by Delibes: the score composed for the ballet choreographed in 1876 by Eugène Lacoste for the inaugural season of the the Paris Opera’s … [Read more...]

“The Lure of Perfection”

Simply through scrupulous descriptions of what people wore, the writer brings social and theatrical milieus alive. Village Voice 7/5/05 … [Read more...]


American Ballet Theatre / Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center, NYC / May 23 – July 16, 2005 American Ballet Theatre seems to ricochet between desperate attempts at “making it new” and revisiting its past repertory and honoring it with revivals. A quartet of this season’s golden oldies formed a program of their own—the “Fokine Celebration”, a retrospective bill comprising Les Sylphides, Petrouchka, Le Spectre de la Rose, and the Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor. The first two works are major; the second two, minor—but each in its … [Read more...]

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