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Archives for May 2005

Les Ballets Grandiva

They demonstrate essential dance qualities--a profound sense of rhythm, gorgeously shaped phrasing, palpable joy in motion, and lionhearted courage in performance--that once sees all too rarely these days in the highest temples of the art. Village Voice 5/31/05 … [Read more...]

Chunky Move

Tense Dave's neighbors (or fantasies) include an elegant sadist, a nightgowned damsel with extravagant suicidal impulses, a languid lady given to enacting the scenarios of Victorian bodice rippers, and a creepy fellow who does nasty things to small creatures in his spare time. Village Voice 5/31/05 … [Read more...]


Lunar Sea is not a dance but rather multimedia light entertainment for the eyes that blithely ignores engaging the mind or heart. Village Voice 5/24/05 … [Read more...]


2005 is the 200th birthday of August Bournonville, the dancer, choreographer and ballet master who gave the Royal Danish Ballet its distinctive profile. To mark the occasion, the company has organized the 3rd Bournonville Festival, which will take place in Copenhagen, June 3-11. All of the Bournonville ballets that are still danced today will be performed on the stage of the Royal Theatre, along with the codified classes devised to preserve the choreographer’s unique style. A host of museum exhibitions will complement these events. The … [Read more...]

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble; Andrea E. Woods/Souloworks

Dare I say that the show sometimes seems unreal in its surface perfection, as if the irregularities and ambiguities that make art and life profound had yielded to Disneyfication? (Nrityagram); Andrea E. Woods may be essentially a solo performer--as Souloworks, the punning title of her enterprise, indicates--but she has a steady partner in the rhythmically cut, boldly angled video footage she creates as accompaniment. Village Voice 5/16/05 … [Read more...]


Jock Soto retires from the New York City Ballet’s stage on June 19 at the age of 40, after 25 years with the company. For the latter part of that period he has been extolled as a partner—as if that were his main (even sole) virtue, as was, essentially, the case with the company’s Conrad Ludlow in the past and Charles Askegard today. Yes, Soto’s an astute, often sublime, partner, but—having been around when he first showed up at the School of American Ballet and set the corridors abuzz with excited whispers: “Have you seen the new boy? Down … [Read more...]


New York City Ballet / New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC / April 26 – June 26, 2005 One way or another, gala programs must be striking. This season, the New York City Ballet’s boldly shunned both Balanchine and Robbins, the guys who give the company its raison d’être, for five new additions to its repertory—all choreographed by current members of the home team. Three of these pieces were duets that could be taken, obliquely, as windows on the state of dance today, at least on NYCB turf, and the state of love in these … [Read more...]

Pam Tanowitz Dance

The choreography evolves from walking to whirling, from moves as plain as street signs to the complex body language of emotional enigmas. Village Voice 5/5/05 … [Read more...]

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