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Archives for September 2004


Limón Dance Company / Joyce Theater, NYC / September 21 – October 3, 2004 The Limón Dance Company is unabashedly old-fashioned. Adhering to the principles of its founder, José Limón, and his mentor, Doris Humphrey, it acquires new works that match its existing repertory—well-made dances on humanistic themes, the prevailing modern dance mode until things fell apart some four decades ago. Phantasy Quintet, by Adam Hougland, a former dancer with the group, is a perfect example of the genre. Set to the gentle, evocative Ralph Vaughan … [Read more...]

Limón Dance Company

Carla Maxwell, artistic director of the Limón Dance Company: "Susanne [Linke] works from the inside out, striving for nuance and depth. The process is like a metamorphosis." Village Voice 9/20/04 … [Read more...]


The leading dancers of Jennifer Weber's Decadancetheatre bring—dare I say?—the feminine mystique to hip-hop. Village Voice 9/14/04 … [Read more...]

Dances by Paul D. Mosley

Mosley's evocation of the horrors that can breed in the roiling matrix of nuclear-family life rarely rises above soap opera level. Village Voice 9/8/04 … [Read more...]

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