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Archives for June 2004

Tiffany Mills Company

Tiffany Mills tells us that out-of-control force and skewed perceptions belong to us all. Village Voice 6/29/04 … [Read more...]


New York City Ballet: Boris Eifman's Musagète, world premiere June 18, 2004 For reasons too discouraging to explore, the New York City Ballet commissioned a work from Boris Eifman for its year-long Balanchine centennial celebration, now winding down. And Eifman came up with Musagète (Leader of the Muses), a 50-minute extravaganza that--despite its appalling notions of choreography, biography, and their possible relationship--claims to be a homage to the master. This is an event that could only have occurred over Balanchine's … [Read more...]

Midsummer Night Swing

No matter that both your feet are lefties. Midsummer Night Swing will get them stepping and gliding with rhythm, grace, and spunk. Village Voice 6/22/04 … [Read more...]

School of American Ballet 40th Annual Workshop Performances

Most delightful was Susan Pilarre's staging of two chunks of Union Jack, in which technically brilliant incipient stars let themselves go, showbiz-style, with terrific humor and verve. Village Voice 6/22/04 … [Read more...]

Parsons Dance Company

David Parsons's choreography played second fiddle to the live music from the Ahn Trio that accompanied it. Village Voice 6/7/04 … [Read more...]


Stephan Koplowitz: The Grand Step Project / various locales, NYC / June 15-28, with multiple performances on each date; for specific locations, dates, times, and travel directions, go to: Dancing in the Streets, which springs choreography from the prison of conventional theaters, celebrated its 20th anniversary by commissioning the site-specific specialist Stephan Koplowitz to tackle half a dozen celebrated New York City staircases. The result was The Grand Step Project, which I … [Read more...]


SCHOOL OF AMERICAN BALLET 40TH ANNUAL WORKSHOP PERFORMANCES Juilliard Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC / June 5 & 7, 2004 Persisting in its unwieldy low-key name (see above), Workshop infallibly provides a bright spot in the dance-world calendar. A yearly showcase of the august academy’s students, the event consists of matinee and evening performances on a Saturday and a gala evening the following Monday (same program, with varied casting at the top). And then it’s gone forever—apart from the archival videotapes made since 1980 by Virginia … [Read more...]


Mark Morris Dance Group / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, Brooklyn, NY / June 8-12, 2004 The problem with the two new-to-New-York dances Mark Morris paired for his company’s recent run at BAM lies mainly in their juxtaposition. Violet Cavern (being given its world premiere) and All Fours (in its first local performances) are both dry, brainy, essentially abstract works in which structure dominates. Both bring you to your knees in admiration of Morris’s craftsmanship; neither provides much meaningful emotional experience or … [Read more...]


New York City Ballet / New York State Theater, NYC / April 27 – June 27, 2004 American Ballet Theatre / Metropolitan Opera House, NYC / May 10 - July 3, 2004 NEW YORK CITY BALLET: A PAIR OF NEW WORKS FROM PETER MARTINS I. EROS PIANO The subtler and more engaging of the two new works by the New York City Ballet’s artistic director, Peter Martins, the trio Eros Piano is set to John Adams’s delicate and complex music of the same name. A flood of luminous color greets the eye as the piece opens. Mark Stanley has suffused the vast bare stage … [Read more...]

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