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Archives for September 2003


Royal Danish Ballet / Royal Theatre, Copenhagen / September 20 & 21, 2003 Copenhagen Nearly two centuries after August Bournonville’s birth, the ballets of this peerless Romantic-era choreographer and the unique style in which they are danced still define the profile of the Royal Danish Ballet. The Bournonville heritage calls for dancing that is both fleet and buoyant, delivered with an effortless air. Simultaneously, it demands acting that tells a story clearly, animated by emotions that are deeply and truly felt. Danish dancers’ loyalty … [Read more...]

Dancenow/NYC; Treaders in the Snow: “Seraphita”

Where is it written that dancing requires a clear, well-lighted space? (Dancenow/NYC); The Treaders, a female trio of New York-based dancer-choreographers born and initially trained in Japan . . . are all expert performers in the hypersensitive vein that reminds you of creatures sensing their world through quivering antennae. (Treaders in the Snow) Village Voice 09/10/03 … [Read more...]


While I'm in Denmark, you can be too. . . . Though it centers on dancing, SEEING THINGS means to look at other food for the eye as well. Here’s some that’s available at a mere click: From the menu in the left hand column, choose “Design after 1900,” then scroll down and click on “for a comprehensive view of 20th century Danish chairs”; next, click on the pale turquoise box that says “DANSKE STOLE,” and vaersgo, as the Danes say—there you are! Explanation: Denmark’s weather is so often gloomy and … [Read more...]

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