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Archives for April 2003

Richard Daniels; Nicholas Leichter and Claire Byrne

Wee Hours . . . a suite of solos and duets set to piano nocturnes . . . explores the tenderness, the vulnerability, the unreasoning anger, and the haunting fears that possess the soul when it hovers between sleeping and waking. (Daniels) [In] Coalesce . . . the partners form a single organism, with eight limbs but a single mind and heart. (Leichter and Byrne) Village Voice 04/30/03 … [Read more...]

Darrah Carr Dance

The dancing of the all-female troupe is . . . beguiling: lusty and luscious where appropriate, elsewhere as light, calm, and carefree as the early spring breeze. Village Voice 04/16/03 … [Read more...]

Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham: The Horse’s Mouth

One moment . . . disarmed . . . Harold "Stumpy" Cromer vividly recalling hoofing in the Depression while Gemze de Lappe and Gus Solomons jr improvised a duet full of wit, love, and the wisdom of long experience. Village Voice 04/09/03 … [Read more...]

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