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Archives for March 2003

Ailey II

A whole bunch of people are doing something right: Besides being fierce technicians, the young dancers of Ailey II, under the direction of Sylvia Waters (Aaron Davis Hall, March 14 though 16), infuse their performances with heart and soul. As we've seen with their parent company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the approach can transform mediocre choreography. Village Voice 03/24/03 … [Read more...]

J Mandle Performance: Feast; Alexandra Beller and Mira Kingsley: We Sink as We Run

The look of the thing is handsome, like an ultra-chic magazine animated into a tantalizing (and ravishingly clothed) half-life. (Mandle) [The piece] explores the marvelous human ability to experience disparate emotions simultaneously. Even at the height of tragedy . . . we are assailed and relieved by the ridiculous. (Beller and Kingsley) Village Voice 03/19/03 … [Read more...]

Buglisi/Foreman Dance

[The] evocative dim lighting [of Buglisi's Requiem], now glowing, now ashen, reveals five women draped in baroque swaths of gleaming fabric tinted bronze, gold, cream, and dried-blood burgundy. Their dance-nothing more than sculptural postures and gestures, simple runs and collapses-turns them into anguished victims, stricken corpses, souls rising to heaven, heroic monuments. Throughout, cloth seems as sensuous and vulnerable as flesh. Village Voice 03/12/03 … [Read more...]

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