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Archives for January 2003

“Dance in America”: Born to Be Wild; Allyson Green and Ben Wright: Interim

[The hour-long show] features four of American Ballet Theatre's galaxy of fabulous male stars: Jose Manuel Carreño, Angel Corella, Vladimir Malakhov, and Ethan Stiefel. [It] has clearly been designed for popular consumption, urging the viewer to understand these phenomenal athlete-artists as regular guys. (Born to Be Wild) [This] extended duet . . . is rooted in the way- back-then '20s, when pastel sentiments flourished in American culture. (Green and Wright) Village Voice 01/29/03 … [Read more...]

Dancewave’s Kids Company

[Mark Morris's] work accommodates these as yet unformed aspirants. It forgives the limitations of their skills, makes their awkwardness touching, and reveals their best qualities-seriousness of purpose, charm, vulnerability, desire, radiance. Village Voice 01/20/03 … [Read more...]

Dancer’s Night Out: Kimberly Bartosik, Richard Siegal, and Kathy Westwater

Both the bios of these dance makers and the solid craft of their pieces contradicted the series' claim to be presenting artists we know best as dancers, trying their choreographic wings-but no matter. We must take pleasure as it comes to us. Village Voice 01/08/03 … [Read more...]

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