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Archives for December 2002

Newsteps: Anne Zuerner, Shannon Hummel, Summer Morgan, Valerie Norman, Joshua Bisset, Naeko Shikano, Vicky Virgin, and Laura Peterson

Portraying an auditioning opera singer [in her Solo for the History of Piece, Summer] Morgan evoked a doomed Jean Rhys heroine-all ravaged beauty and morbid sensitivity. Village Voice 12/25/02 … [Read more...]

Christopher Caines; Silesian Dance Theatre: Straight Into the Eyes

Snow . . . harks back to the modest scale and subtle emotional range of early ballets by Tudor and Ashton, [but it] achieves nothing like the dramatic power of these models. (Caines) [Jacek] Luminski's choreography is ostensibly rooted in his extensive research into Polish folk tradition and Hasidic ecstatic rituals, [but] . . . I didn't see much connection to these resources . . . on stage. Village Voice 12/13/02 … [Read more...]

George Balanchine: The Nutcracker; Mark Morris: The Hard Nut

Each choreographer recognizes the delicate balance [E.T.A.] Hoffmann proposed between gemütlichkeit and the darker regions of the erotic, the phantasmal, and the demonic. Village Voice 12/11/02 … [Read more...]

Xavier Le Roy

Le Roy begins [his 50-minute solo, Self-Unfinished] by turning himself into a postmodern Coppélia doll, moving as if the sequential postures and steps that normally connect and flow in a living being had been reduced to small, discrete elements executed by a creaky inanimate mechanism. Village Voice 12/04/02 … [Read more...]

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