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Producorial Responsibility #3: Relevance (Contributing to the National Conversation)

  1. Identify who in your community are the most disenfranchised, the neediest of theatrical participation, and figure out how to serve them with what you consider great art.  The real-deal authentic stuff, not some watered down compromise.
  2. Find a group of artists who want to serve those folks, and pay them at least twice your “standard.”  Your budget is the spine of your organization’s values – so put your money where your mouth is.
  3. Yell loudly that you just did numbers 1 and 2 above.
Re-define “artist value” at your organization in three easy steps.  Trust me, if you’re the right leader, every constituent in your organization, from staff to Board to audiences to donors, will be inspired and re-invigorated and the dedication of resources will be repaid sevenfold.  And when you link this new stance on artist value to content that is both artistically satisfying and impactful in the civic forum, you will be seen for what you undoubtedly are – someone who can elucidate underlying complexities, who can catalyze rich dialogue, who can foster empathy, who can help people find a voice.  That is, someone who is critically important to the future of our nation. #

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