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NOT THE ABC SATURDAY MORNING BEATLES CARTOONS: thebeatoons, Episode 1-2 ”You Can’t Do That” Forgotify | 12 Bagatelles, Op. 13: No. 9. L'Abeille (The Bee) (arr. for cello and piano) by Various Artists Related articles Forgotify Helps You Discover Unloved Music On Spotify Forgotify: The Tool for Discovering Spotify's 4 Million Unheard Tracks Forgotify Streams Only Spotify Songs That Have Never Been Played Forgotify Only Plays Spotify Songs That No One Has Ever Played Before Forgotify site launched to promote 4 million songs that … [Read more...]

The Counselor, Cormac McCarthy

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I got sucked into by the cast too, enjoying Cameron Diaz's wicked villain and marveling at the word "goner" stenciled on Penelope Cruz's forehead from the opening pillow talk with Fassbender. But trashy seems too kind for this somber meditation on decapitation, with all the slow dipping mechanisms "artfully" called out ahead of time, and the sense of foreboding hurling itself sloppily through dialogue way too bland for Javier Bardem's decadent mousse. Confounding how one of our prized novelists slums in Hollywood with degenerate glee. ALSO: … [Read more...]

riley rock index relaunch


Behold the new riley rock index, now an extension of the timrileyauthor page, where it's been condensed, reformatted and reconcieved as a monthly tip sheet with album. We start with Drive-By Truckers, hard on Beck, and early Click Hits include: Beatles Roundtable BigOZine dBs Holsapple on Rosanne Cash deep dig agogo rri ringtone (m4r): Steely Dan Michael Tatum, via Tom Hull (with artist index) TED's Top 100 Sites Tom Smucker on Smiley Smile … [Read more...]

Classic Album Covers

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The Stories Behind 22 Classic Album Covers | Mental Floss                   Related articles A selection of funny classical music links! 48 Things You Didn't Know Had Names Proof: FAST 7 Stills Are Just Christian Rock Album Covers Here Are the Backstories of Five Very Weirdly Spelled Words Drake's NWTS album covers Cast your vote for the best album cover for the week of September 24, 2013 … [Read more...]


From LRB: 23 May. A party for HMQ at the Royal Academy where around six we join a straggling queue of notables, the actors the most obvious, though Vivienne Westwood is her usual unobtrusive self. Talk to various people in the queue, one of whom seems to know my plays well but then congratulates me on my paintings of trees – she’s the first of three people who confuse me with Hockney and though he too is at the party I doubt if he is ever confused with me. Inside the place is less crowded than one had expected and with the rooms so tall … [Read more...]


  Too much plot (in a good way) with twists aplenty, from Patton Oswald's hapless knife-in-foot to the way the prison librarian drops the name Alan Furst just before Raylon's dad slits his throat, you could mistake this stuff for Elmore Leonard himself. It's as if Graham Yost not only internalizes the voice, mood, creep and suspense of the novelist's finer traits, but the larger psychological backstory of his dialogue's characters. Related articles Timothy Olyphant Talks JUSTIFIED Season 4 TCA: 'Justified' Spoilers and Scoop on … [Read more...]



Here We Go Magic (Secretly Canadian) Leonard Cohen, OLD IDEAS (Columbia) Loudon Wainwright, OLDER THAN MY OLD MAN NOW (2nd Story) Kelly Hogan, I LIKE TO KEEP MYSELF IN PAIN (ANTI) Mission of Burma, UNSOUND (Fire) Tame Impala, LONERISM (Modular) Raveonettes, OBSERVATOR (Vice) Iris Dement, SING THE DELTA (Flariella Records/Redeye) Norah Jones, LITTLE BROKEN HEARTS (Blue Note) Billy Bragg and Wilco, MERMAID AVENUE COMPLETE SESSIONS (Nonesuch) AC Newman, SHUT DOWN THE STREETS (Matador) Neil Young and Crazy Horse, PSYCHEDELIC … [Read more...]



rocK hOlidaY jinGles, yo (12/24)... Year-End Lists from All Over... see also: #bestof2012... blog riley coming soon... ancient Mayan curse falls on NRA... People's 20/20 Katie Couric special, complete with mummy reel, first to market... Romney zombie spooks cliff talks... not enough hair gel in the known universe... gangnam style feints left, hooks right... too soon with predictions, too late with reflections... [Photo via zeegrooves...] Related articles Richard Marx Wanted To Channel Phil Spector With New Christmas Album "Never Take … [Read more...]



FEW AS GLORIOUS AS THIS PULLQUOTE... Joe Nocera reloads and heads for the copy desk...   Related articles NYT EDITOR IN CHIEF: I Couldn't Fire Joe Nocera, Even If I Wanted To Impressive integrity from two New York Times writers over BBC scandal | Glenn Greenwald New York Times readers give BBC's Mark Thompson the thumbs down Montana newspaper disciplines copy editor for adding 'allegedly' to AP's 'Obama was born in Hawaii' line Spelling and student writing: Does it matter much? Should it matter more? … [Read more...]


  News Corps Shutters Daily App From blog riley, April 12, 20121: "Loathing Murdoch's Daily": Let’s count the ways: 90-second load times for each new issue landing on airhead newsbabe tutorial videos turning the iPad sideways to get content AP wire copy (I’m supposed to PAY for this?) claustrophobic walled-garden frame did Bill Keller design this? can I share articles with other iPad users in my social network? Huh? Related articles News Corp to close iPad newspaper The Daily R.I.P. The Daily, The … [Read more...]