Is Spotify bad for music?

The Eraser by Thom Yorke

The Eraser by Thom Yorke (Photo credit: horizontal.integration)


Is Spotify bad for music? | Comment is free | The Observer

Something unsettling about agreeing with Yorke in principle even though I respect his music more than admire or listen to it, and have a reflexive aversion to millionaires who complain about getting bad deals from the multinationals they bed down with. Of course, drawing attention to said deals = good. Don’t blame the messenger. But still. As a consumer, Spotify solves all kinds of problems and invites huge new resources for discovering new music, from this side of the fence, advantages FAR outweigh the pitfalls. Would happily sign on to a social mov’t dedicated to upping musician fees based on targets, quotas, some new creative benchmarks.


WBUR’s ON POINT  with Tom Ashbook did a Spotify show last week

BRING POPCORN to watch the era’s unfolding disaster epic: publishing jumps off the very same cliff  the music industry did  ten years ago…

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