Saadiq, plus Colbert on Catholicism at TIME 100 Awards

Campus of the Georgetown University Law Center

Campus of the Georgetown University Law Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rafael Saadiq made the Time 100 Most Influential People, here’s the On Point show commentary (at 29:00) from yesterday.

Colbert hosted the dinner:

“Also, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke is here tonight.  Also an instant, instant feminist icon.  Famously tested, testified before Congress, that Georgetown, a Catholic institution,should be required to provide insurance coverage for her birth control.Now, TIME 100 honoree, his eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan disagrees — sir, lovely to see you again.Of course, now some, some critics have said in response to this that if the Catholic churchs insurance does not cover Sandra Flukes birth control, it shouldnt cover Cardinal Dolans Viagra.Oh, no, no, no.  Oh, no, no, no, thats called celibacy plus.  Thats how the pros do it.  Because chastity is one thing, but it shows true commitment to uphold your vows when you are sporting a crook you could hang a miter on.  Oh, wow, see you at mass on Sunday, sir?I hope he doesnt become Pope.Im a Catholic, its okay.  I go to confession, it will be fine.  Thank you.”

via The Page by Mark Halperin | Clinton and Colbert at the TIME 100.

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