Experience Music Project, NYU

Buddy Holly biographer Dave Laing (left) remembers rock historian Charlie Gillett at the Experience Music Conference, next to Robert Christgau, who called for a biography of Harvey Fuqua.

That abject fabulist Daphne Carr sold me a three-for-ten deal on her Pop Papers singles from Feedback Press. She was pushing “Endlessly Horny for Wonder and Magic: How Jim Steinman’s Bat Out of Hell Perfectly Captured the Pre-Pubescent American Id (and Nearly Ruined Me for Life),” by Tim Quirk, whose subject put me off. The only thing worse¬†than listening to Meat Loaf was having to read about him, I cracked, which got a big laugh from the academic flacks. But I’m gonna read “Well Down Freedom Highway: The Staple Singers’ Masterpiece” by Mike McGonigal first, I’ve got a big gospel jones going on, and Mavis’s late career resets the bar.

Experience Music Conference, #popcon


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