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More Keef Ink: The redoubtable Bill Wyman (yes, that Bill Wyman) prints a scathingly ravaged letter from brother Jagger about Life with a capital L. One of the better band briefs yet wrought, outflanking the need for Sir Mick to write his own. BEST OMITTED SUBTEXT: why Jagger never warned Lennon off Allen Klein.  
Followup on Wyman’s Hitsville here
Same Old: For a book I admire, I’d be a lot more tempted to go along with “exuberant glimpse into the American character” if Freidwald weren’t such a prig when it comes to rock’n’roll.
Choice Spam Subject lines, cont: Make that your girl was happy!”

Followup on Obama’s Stewart appearance: Harry Shearer’s “Yes We Can, But”
Item E: The new edition of David Thompson’s Biographical Dictionary of Film omits this entry on Heath Ledger, but the London Review of Books carried it online
I found it easier to ‘lose’ myself in his Joker in The Dark Knight. Much of that performance lay in the dazzle of the make-up and the showiness of the director’s style. It didn’t help Ledger in a key moment (where he threatens Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character) that the camera insisted on whirling around the two of them while Ledger’s authority begged for stillness. The most interesting thing about that film was his voice and his way with words. That’s where Ledger began to open up the chilly, demented humour of the Joker and its wounded philosophy. A lot of acting in films is being watchful, and waiting and listening. Ledger won his Oscar when the Joker talked and a warped mind flowered.
Her Reptilean Brain Loves Cognitive Dissonance: Rosanne Cash on Cleartunes, iPhone tuner app

Item F: Proof that Professor El should have recorded Get Happy with Booker T and the MGs:

…Too late! John Legend already thought of it! 

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