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Funk & Soul Covers, by Joaquim Paulo, Ed. by Julius WiedermannTaschen site has a "leaf-through" feature, better to search google images for obscure desktoppers. Links to funk underworld reviews. Related articlesTake Cover: Dâm-Funk: Adolescent Funk ( Big Books ( Night Of Funk, A Chance At A Year Of Free Concerts ( … [Read more...]


40: A Doonesbury RetrospectiveFrame completely at odds with content: This elite cinder-block of a book begs the question, "why print?" Where's searchable digital media with thematic tags, index, and instant social accessibility when you most want it? There are so many strips in here you want to send to friends -- right now -- that its dinosaur frame feels more tragic than bulky. Trudeau's also so over-exposed and overpraised you'd think he'd be giving tips to Tony Kushner. Made for a sudden-death question on a journalism … [Read more...]


Cover of Richard MeltzerScribes We Turn To: Richard Meltzer, the Beefheart of rock critics: Graham JohnsonGary LucasTen Random Discs (Beat Patrol)Drummer John French's memoirsbeta blog(I interviewed Meltzer a couple years ago for my Lennon bio, he remembered seeing both Shea Stadium shows, 1965 and 1966.)Site of the Week: Wondertonic, from Micke Lacher Related articlesDave Douglas/Gary Lucas - review ("Lindsay Lohan -- The Chick Touched Me First" and related posts ("Census Numbers … [Read more...]


Image via WikipediaMUSIC MONDAY from Muckrack daily: Don Van Vliet, or Captain Beefheart, died at the weekend aged 69. Tim Riley of NPR retweets Billy Bragg's link to Beefheart's "10 Commandments of Guitar Playing: Your guitar is a divining rod". Rolling Stone's coverage is here and the first part of a BBC documentary here. OK Go's Damien Kulash writes in the WSJ today about "The New Rock Star Paradigm" or how to make it without a record label. Jon Healey at … [Read more...]


COHEN, SANCTIMONIOUS: Next thing you know, Red Sox fans will be swaying to this song in the stands.Another year over: Fimoculous continues its list aggregating, send yours to Rex.see also: Huffposts's List of Best Book ListsBillboard Year-End ListsHip-Hop Dominates iTunesPublisher's Weekly Best Books … [Read more...]


Image by Miguel Ramirez via Flickrfrom Publisher's Marketplace (12/15/10): Music historian and journalist Tim Riley's JOHN ONO LENNON: THE LIFE AND THE MUSIC, an examination of John Lennon's life and creative legacy, covering everything from the widely misunderstood origins of "Working Class Hero" to Lennon's epic romance with Yoko Ono, sharing insight into the emotional conceptions and musical evolution of the songs that for so many of us have become part of our own personal history, to Gretchen Young at Hyperion, for … [Read more...]


QUOTES OF THE WEEK: "Oh How I Love Jesus" (Disc 30, Track 16): "...a tremendous amount, as it happens," Jon Caramanica, reviewing Presley's THE COMPLETE ELVIS PRESLEY MASTERS (30 CDs, RCA) (see articlesHoliday Gift Guide: Music Boxed Sets ( Late Quartets - Tokyo String Quartet ( Thomson on Tina Fey: "If there's anyone Fey reminds me of, it's Elaine May (maybe the funniest woman in America in the early 1960s)." (Don't resist that killer link, chuckles galore.)Jack Shafer on … [Read more...]


DRUNK, STONED, BRILLIANT, DEAD: The Writers and Artists Who Made the national Lampoon Insanely Great, by Rick Meyerowitz "Well, this is a book done by an artist. I waited 35 years for some writer to tell the story. And they didn't do it. When I decided to do this book, my thought was, here's a chance to do a book that includes the artist. The magazine really was built, in a lot of ways, around its imagery. And its imagery was fantastic. There was a team of people that were supplying those images. Like Michael Doret, who did a few … [Read more...]


Cover of Booker T. & The MG'sDigitally enhanced combovers for aesthetically thirsty underdawgs...More Keef Ink: The redoubtable Bill Wyman (yes, that Bill Wyman) prints a scathingly ravaged letter from brother Jagger about Life with a capital L. One of the better band briefs yet wrought, outflanking the need for Sir Mick to write his own. BEST OMITTED SUBTEXT: why Jagger never warned Lennon off Allen Klein.  Followup on Wyman's Hitsville here. Same Old: For a book I admire, I'd be a lot more tempted to go along … [Read more...]


Image by Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis via FlickrMaybe flavor of the month, but @Discographies has its moments: Big Star/Nick Drake: 1 Immortal songs about hope; 2 and girls; 3 and loss, time-traveling forward to a future that would someday hear them.And it's NOT Xgau. Oh, can we make requests? Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, Byrds. articles by ZemantaSumming up bands' careers in 140 characters ( careers in 140 characters ( … [Read more...]


Image by triley60 via Flickr...But Tim Riley, who just finished his big bio John Ono Lennon, hails Nowhere Boy's musical authenticity and "weird mother/son/aunt love triangle, one of the most screwed-up relationships ever." Riley screened it for his Emerson College students, who loved it, though for them it was "a weird time warp." Keith Richards they know (if only from Pirates of the Caribbean). "Their parents dragged them to Rolling Stones shows." But early Beatles seem remote. Riley … [Read more...]


Ephemera for Complicated Souls... Quote of the Week: Of all the preposterous things Keith Richards said on Fresh Air last week, his Altamont quote has to be the most offensive (cue: 27:40): "Meredith [Hunter], who went down in this scene... he was asking for trouble... " Right, that's what we've all learned from Altamont: blame the victim. Horse-hockey. At the end he signs off saying, "Nice try, Terri," which goads her into a huge laugh. Here's your new Frank Sinatra: irresistible musician, repulsive human being. Almost ironically, the BBC … [Read more...]