Labor Day # 2: Workin’

Labor-Day-USAs pointed out in the previous exhibit, Americans and Canadians are taking a three-day holiday to observe Labor Day, which this year is Monday, September 1. On this occasion established nearly a century-and-a-half ago, they do their best to getCanada Labor Day sunburned, exhausted and happy—the latter with or without the aid of beer, which sells in oceanic quantities as summer winds down and people populate beaches, mountain meadows, national parks, RV camps and back yards.

There are several versions on the web of Cannonball Adderley’s quintet or sextet playing his brother Nat’s “Work Song.” The relatively rare one that you are about to see and hear is from a concert in Switzerland in 1963. Nat composed the piece remembering those who once performed forced labor on section gangs. Inevitably, though, disc jockeys and bloggers decide that it is compatible with a holiday that honors all working folks.

Here are the Adderleys, Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones and Louis Hayes with “Work Song.”

Enjoy the holiday. Don’t get sunburned.

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  1. Don Conner says

    I’ve seen and heard many versions of this late season hit, but this might be the best. Thanks for the post, Doug.