Jan Lundgren’s Newest…And (Maybe) A Nomination

News has arrived that my notes for the new Jan Lundgren solo piano CD have been submitted to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a possible Grammy nomination. I hasten to emphasize that a submission is not a nomination. The essay 623required some of the most exhaustive research I have ever done for an album annotation. It involved the pleasure of listening repeatedly to All By Myself and investigating the history of each of its 14 pieces, classics from what we have all come to call the great American songbook. I thought I knew something about the backgrounds of “‘Round Midnight” and “My Heart Stood Still,” to mention two of the tracks. Yet, surprising information surfaced about each of them and most of the others.

I was flattered that producer Dick Bank asked me to do the writing, happy to be involved in a minor way with so important an achievement, and to be given carte blanche concerning length (the essay is more than 5,000 words). Liner notes aside, Jan Lundgren thinks—and I agree—that the album is the best recorded work of his more than two decades as a professional pianist. It is a milestone in his career.

Is a liner note writer walking a thin ethical line when he mentions a project with which he is connected? I don’t think so. This isn’t a review. I’m sharing good news. I want to share it with Rifftides readers.

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  1. Charlton Price says

    Glad to have this good news about the new Lundgren album, Doug. As it happens, I’ve been deeply this evening into additional elegant Lundgren, another Dick Bank-produced collection — Thanks for the Memory: the Film Music of Ralph Rainger. I’m pretty sure I acquired this one because of what I read about it in Rifftides. What a special pleasure it must be to combine all this Lundgren with memories of your visit to Ystad!

  2. Larry Dunlap says

    Jan is one of my very favorite pianists. I look forward to hearing the cd and reading your words.

  3. Don Conner says

    As far as i’m concerned, Doug, you could have and should have won this award a long time ago.
    I’ve read many of your notes and essays over the years that blew me away.

  4. Frank Roellinger says

    Doug, I haven’t read these notes, but based on other work of yours that I’ve read, you certainly deserve a Grammy. You always strive for completeness and accuracy and deliver them in a very literate and compelling way. Good luck!

  5. says

    As the secretary of Jan Lundgren’s fan club – and, yes, there is one (go to http://www.friendsofjanlundgren.com and take a look) – I’d like to extend my congratulations to Doug on the Grammy submission. A nomination is the very least he deserves! Why? Because Doug’s outstanding liner notes not only shed new light on the provenance of some of the great American songbook’s most treasured contents; he also manages to loosen the tongue of a usually rather modest and reticent Jan about how this master pianist chose to approach the material. Really fine work!

  6. Jan Olsson says

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Jan Lundgren for many years by now. He is a very nice guy and a wonderful musician. And I do agree with him—and you—that his new album, All By Myself, is the best he has done to date. And the liner notes are the best I have ever read. Thank you! But we shall not forget the producer, Dick Bank. He always knows what he wants and I think Jan and Dick is, and has for many years been, a perfect team.

  7. says

    I’ve enjoyed Jan Lundgren’s thoughtful, artistically successful albums for a long time now, and I’ve recently had the pleasure to interview him for my jazz website, ‘The Vintage Bandstand,’ and his answers were extremely interesting and thought-provoking. Anyone interested in reading the interview can find it here: http://vintagebandstand.blogspot.com/2014/08/interview-with-swedish-jazz-pianist-jan.html

    As mentioned in a previous comment on this post, Mr. Lundgren has a dedicated fan club with a website full of interesting information about his life and music, which I can only praise highly. It’s called Friends of Jan Lundgren, and you may visit it here: http://friendsofjanlundgren.com

    Congratulations on your nomination, Mr. Ramsey, and I hope you take the award home!

  8. says

    Congrats to you, Jan Lundgren, on a superb album of solo piano. You have outdone yourself. I’m enjoying it immensely. You are indeed a great musician with tons of experience behind you.

    God has blessed you. Thank You.