Moon Love

Tired but not ready to go to bed, I wandered into the back yard at midnight, camera in hand, to see if the full moon was visible. Slipping in and out of cloud banks that looked hand-tinted, the moon gave the southeastern sky the look of an impressionist painting.

Moon Love # 2

As I gazed moonstruck, a number of songs came to mind, none more powerfully than “Moon Love,” adapted in 1939 by Mack David, Mack Davis and Andre Kostelanetz from the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5. Glenn Miller had a bouncy hit record of the piece that year. In 1966, Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle made it a part of the Moonlight Sinatra album, one of their finest collaborations. The version I couldn’t get out of my mind, however, was Chet Baker’s 1953 quartet recording, made as Baker was beginning his sudden rise to fame. It is a masterly example of his ability to take ownership of a ballad.

This Baker compilation has two takes of “Moon Love” from the original quartet session with Russ Freeman, Carson Smith and Larry Bunker.

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  1. Dick Unsworth says

    Thanks for Moon Love. It woke me up when I should have been busy getting ready for lunch. Fact is Baker and group is better than lunch !! Send me some more. His sound is so sweet.

  2. Brian Porter says

    Thanks Doug for reminding me of a great tune by a great artist, that I haven’t listened to for years, Sooo cooool!!

  3. Terence Smith says

    The stuff that Haiku’s made of.

    From Basho, about 1680:

    The clouds come and go,
    providing a rest for all
    the moon viewers

    And 2 from Issa maybe a hundred years later:

    Brilliant moon,
    is it true that you too
    must pass in a hurry

    Great moon
    woven in plum scent,
    all mine