Other Matters: Ukraine

Pray for UkraineA film about Ukraine’s position visa vis Russia showed up on YouTube earlier this week. In three days it has attracted more than 115,000 viewers. The film was created and posted by a video artist whose accompanying explanation said that she or he preferred to remain anonymous in order not to distract from the message of the piece. Nor is the little girl singing or lip-synching the song identified. Without taking an overt political stand, this well-made video’s simplicity and power help put the Ukranian peoples’ dilemma in perspective.

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  1. Jim Brown says

    I find the Putin invasion of Ukraine as troubling as Hitler’s invasions prior to WWII, and I am greatly dismayed by the failure of the US, EU, and NATO to stand up to him. EU seems paralyzed by long term contracts for Russian oil, and by all accounts, Putin seems to be winning. I don’t pray often, but I do pray for world leaders, including my own, to develop real backbone with respect to this issue, and take a serious stance, like troops on the ground to support governments challenged by Russian troops massing on their borders, and agents provocateur within their borders.