We’re Back

For more than two days, Rifftides and all of the other arts journal.com blogs have been taken down by software robots—hacker bots. The attackers have been vanquished, security measures are being put in place and we look forward to the resumption of regular posting. Say goodbye to this rascal.

hacker bot
By way of celebration, let’s see and hear the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra in Copenhagen in 1969, playing Thad’s “Central Park North.”

Thad Jones, flugelhorn & conductor
Al Porcino, trumpet
Richard Williams, trumpet
Snooky Young, trumpet
Danny Moore, trumpet
Eddie Bert, trombone
Jimmy Knepper, trombone
Garnett Brown, trombone
Jerome Richardson, soprano sax
Eddie Daniels, clarinet
Jerry Dodgion, alto sax
Joe Henderson, tenor sax
Pepper Adams, baritone sax
Cliff Heather, bass trombone
Roland Hanna, piano
Richard Davis, bass
Mel Lewis, drums

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  1. Don Conner says

    I think the 69 band was the best of Jones\’
    lewis editions. Nice to have you back Doug, I hope the hackers did’n’t find out about your secret Justin Beiber addiction.

  2. says

    Wow, what a genius Thad was, and a great band, too! This May 24, I will have the honor of conducting a set of Thad’s music for the L.A. Jazz Institute, and it’s going to be a blast!

  3. Ted O'Reilly says

    That’s some great stuff…what a band!

    And I think Youtube is great for these kinds of finds, but DANG, I hate it when the audio/video is so far out-of-sync. Can anyone suggest a way to bring them closer together for home viewing?

  4. says

    Such incredible musicianship and creativity. And is so often the case, I notice the music was recorded in Europe. It seems like they saw America’s cultural gift better than Americans.

    • Peter Bergmann says

      I had the pleasure of listening to this band, this line-up of incredible musicianship, in december 1969 in Frankfurt. It was something else.

  5. Светлана says

    ‘What can be done can be undone’. So nice this saying has come true. We missed you, Doug. And Thad Jones orchestra is superb!

  6. John Bartholomew says

    Gone for two days. Okay, this is not the worst thing to happen to me in that period.

    • Doug Ramsey says

      when you go to Mr. Leicht’s site, please look carefully at the date of his post.