They Say It’s Spring

My visiting son went skiing in the Cascade Mountains, and I accompanied him. This is how it was on the lightly populated runs of White Pass at 4500 feet.

White Pass 1

Après-ski, driving down the mountain by the time we reached about 3500 feet, warmer weather had removed the snow except for patches in the valleys and on the peaks.

White Pass 2

My son is sad to see the snow go. Not to worry, Blossom Dearie makes everybody glad.

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  1. Don Conner says

    Ah yes,Blossom. I have most of her stuff including your video. However for most of New England the right tune would be “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.” We got a foot of snow last week. Your son would love it.

  2. dick vartanian says

    Nice tune -new to me. I heard a real nice tune years ago called “There’ll Never Be Another Spring”. I’ve not yet been able to find it. Any help?

  3. anonymous says

    Tommy Flanagan used play this miraculously great tune… (Didn’t Dick Haymes write it – or, even more curiously, Dick Haymes’ brother? – Maybe?).

    • Doug Ramsey says

      The composer was Bob Haymes (1923-1989). He was seven years younger than his brother Dick. His best known song was “That’s All.” Under the name Bob Stanton, he was the long-running host on radio, then on television, of The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports.