Correspondence: More About Crocojazz

Rifftides reader Ted O’Reilly writes from Toronto:

I wasn’t much inclined to shop much at Crocojazz personally – I’m not into vinyl as some are – but it was not as inviting as I’d hoped. Unorganized, dusty, boxes and crates on the floor…a treasure hunt, perhaps, but as I was without my spade, not much more than ‘a cultural’ experience.

Here’s the late John Norris in a picture I took (it sez here) on May 28/08. Note that it was taken before we went in. He might not have been as excited on the way out…
John Norris in Paris]
Later that night, we went to hear a good-fun-revivalist gang (with a great bilingual pun-name) the Hot Antic Jazz Band. (authentique = hot antic of course…)

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  1. Doug Ramsey says

    John Norris was the founder of Coda, the Canadian jazz magazine, and co-founder of Sackville Recordings. He died in 2010