Other Places: Cerra on That Desmond Book

Steve-CerraSteve Cerra, the proprietor of the endlessly interesting Jazz Profiles blog, has posted a new piece about Take Five: The Public And Private Lives Of Paul Desmond. In it, he says that the book would make a good Christmas present, a suggestion that I wouldn’t dream of challenging. Steve observes that any stocking the book might stuff would have to be huge. That was true in the days when Take Five existed only as a hard cover volume. Now, it is an eBook, meaning that the recipient’s stocking can be the size of a Kindle or a bunch of digital 0s and 1s.

To read Steve’s embarrassingly flattering assessment of the biography, with extensive excerpts, go here. To find out how to obtain the eBook version, go here. Many thanks to Mr. Cerra for his kindness.

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