Happy New Year

Deadlines and an unimaginable series of technical snafus have put blogging aside for the past few days. The good news is that a whole new year of opportunities is upon us. The Rifftides staff thanks you for being with us this year and sharing your thoughts with us in your comments. We wish all of you the best possible 2014.

Happy New Year 2014

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  1. turk mauro says

    Doug, many years ago you gave me a very good review for my first album..I always wanted to thank you for your kind words…Merci Beaucoup…Happy New Year 2014.

  2. says

    I’m glad that Rifftides marches on, Doug. It’s the first place I look when I turn on my computer every day. You always have something interesting and informative for me to read. Thanks, and Happy New Year.

  3. Cecile says

    Happy New Year, Doug, and thank you for continuing to share your knowledge about and passion for jazz!

  4. Wayne Tucker says

    Happy 2014 to Doug and all the bloggees. It’s nice to see Turk Mauro check in. I haven’t heard much about him in the past decade, but I still enjoy the two Milestone cds he recorded in the ’90s, “Hittin’ The Jug” and, especially, “The Truth.” I played both constantly for years, and I still pull them out now and then. He also played on a couple of Eric Allison’s albums, “After Hours” and “Mean Streets Beat” on Contemporary. All four discs also feature Dr. Lonnie Smith adding his great Hammond B3 and pianistic touches, giving the solid performances just the right amount of funk. All four are excellent, but I lean toward Turk’s “Truth,” with its great renditions of Gary McFarland’s “Blue Hodge” and “What a Difference a Day Made.” Allison returns the favor and guests on “The Truth.” I know Turk’s cds are on Amazon, so check ’em out if you like good, straightforward jazz and you WILL have a happy new year..

  5. says

    How nice to see Turk Mauro’s note. Thanks again for giving me a lift uptown after a gig many years ago. Doug: I also count myself among the faithful, checking Rifftides daily. Here are high hopes that all of us enjoy a healthy and happy 2014, and that your writing continues to inform and enlighten us. It’s not only appreciated. It’s vital.

  6. Dick McGarvin says

    Deadlines and technical snafus? Here I thought you just gave the hard-working Rifftides staff the holidays off.

    Like Bill Crow, and probably many others, I visit Rifftides first thing every day. Thank you, Doug, for all the information, insight, reviews and recommendations.

    While I’m at it, special thanks for your recent column (Dec 11th) on the anniversary of Brubeck’s College of the Pacific concert and recordings. Since I never owned Volume 2, and my LP copy of Volume 1 has seen better days, I decided to order both. And, because Amazon shrewdly suggests other items the buyer might be interested in, I learned that Jazz Goes To Junior College had finally been re-issued. I got all three.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014! I liked what you said about it being “a whole new year of opportunities.”

  7. Jeff Sultanof says

    Thank you for supplying a wonderful forum for my thoughts and excursions into the music we love. Here’s to a wonderful New Year!!!

  8. says

    I join the chorus wishing you a great New Year. Five years ago next week (January 9, 2009), you kindly printed an article I wrote on the 20 or so great albums recorded in early 1959. I would like your readers to know that I will start a series of selections from those albums from February to May this year, on their 55th anniversary, on my shows on KLOI on Lopez Island, Washington. The feature will likely take place on Monday afternoon, 5:00 to 5:30 pm Pacific time, streaming live audio on http://www.KLOI.org, starting February 7.

    • David says

      Gary, 1959 was indeed an extraordinary year for jazz. There must have been some unusual sunspot activity to account for such an outpouring of creativity. I notice that, in order to get your list down to 20, you had to limit yourself to the first half of the year. I’m sure you could easily come up with another 20 from the second half and still just be scratching the surface. A fellow fanatic recently introduced me to one that’s been generally overlooked. Dizzy Reece’s Star Bright featuring Blue Note’s A team (Mobley, Kelly, Chambers, Taylor) is a masterpiece of the “hard bop” genre.

  9. John Bolger says

    Happy New Year, Doug, and continued thanks for your wonderful and essential blog on all matters jazz.

    As always, my jazz collection grew in 2013 thanks to the many Rifftides suggestions; as I type this I am enjoying the wonderful Flute Fever by the Jeremy Steig Quartet.