Listening Tip: The BBC’s Bill Evans Series

p01lb3pgPianist, composer and Bill Evans expert Jack Reilly alerts us to a five-part program about Evans. Donald Macleod hosts the Composer Of The Week series about Evans’s life, with three of the episodes devoted to his work with Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis and the producer Helen Keane. The BBC is making the series available on the internet for a short time. The opening segment will be heard for only two more days. The remaining four expire on successive days. To listen to them, Go here.

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  1. Mark Mohr says

    Thanks and a tip of the cap to Jack Reilly for bringing this to our attention. God Bless Donald Macleod and the BBC. This is wonderful stuff! I’m already halfway through the first segment and I’m hooked.

    And…while I’m listening to the first segment, I was reminded to remind you (and any other Bill Evans fans on Rifftides) that the Bill Evans webpages listed in the “Personal Websites” section of Rifftides/lower right has gone on hiatus. In announcing the temporary suspension of website, Jan Stevens was kind enough to direct our attention to another Evans-tribute site, run by Rob Rijneke in the Netherlands. I’ve already spent countless hours pouring over this wonderful addition to the Evans’ online universe. There is a treasure trove of music and information. Here’s the link:

  2. Mark Mohr says

    I finished listening to all five hour-long episodes and loved every minute. Donald Macleod has a wonderful narrative style, telling the story of Bill Evans’ musical ascension and tragic descent. No new facts here, and no soundbites from Evans or anyone else for that matter….just Bill’s music and Macleod’s storytelling. I found it yet another reminder how ironic it was that someone so tortured could produce such sensationally touching music.