A Columbus Day Serenade

Christopher ColumbusIt’s a bit late to recognize Christopher Columbus on his holiday but at this writing it’s still Columbus Day in the Pacific time zone. The banks and the post office were closed for the day in the land that Columbus discovered. Substantial parts of the federal government have been shut down for two weeks and our elected leaders in Washington are in political confusion. According to the latest news, there may be hope that the Fats Waller in Derbynation won’t go into default this week.

But, in the unforgettable words of Thomas Waller, “Son, don’t let it bother you.” Let’s try to put all that nonsense aside for the moment and remember Ammiráglio Colombo with a history lesson from Mr. Waller And His Rhythm.

Fats Waller, piano; Gene Sedric, tenor sax; Herman Autrey, trumpet; Al Casey, guitar; Charles Turner, bass; Yank Porter, drums. April 8, 1936.

Happy Columbus Day.

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