pumpkin 2013

Favorite front porch exchange with one of tonight's scores of trick-or-treaters. Me: "Don't eat too much of that candy." Eight-year-old Green Hornet: (with a sigh of exasperation through his mask) "I know ." … [Read more...]

Weekend Listening Tip: Anthony Wilson Nonet

Anthony Wilson Nonet

As noted occasionally on Rifftides, the creative power of medium-sized jazz ensembles often exceeds their size. Go here to read several posts on that topic. The guitarist Anthony Wilson added to the mid-sized genre’s discography with his Power of Nine in 2006. Over the summer, he revived the group and peopled it with an impressive array of name musicians. Jim Wilke, winner of the Jazz Journalist Association’s broadcaster award, recorded the group and will put them on the air and stream them on … [Read more...]