Finding Focus

This is getting complicated—but encouraging. Rifftides reader Mike Kaiser sent a comment regarding the Stan Getz/Eddie Sauter Focus video discussed in the previous item:

A little Google-sleuthing turned up this residual copy of the now-missing YouTube video. Watch and listen here before it, too, disappears.

Let us hope that the mysterious unidentified remover doesn’t strike again.

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  1. dick vartanian says

    I’ve been a big fan of Eddie since the early RCA lp of the Sauter-Finnegan band. Didn’t know he could write like that. Great work !!

  2. dave bernard says

    I think Focus is the best of several art pieces that were written for Mr. Getz. Those who enjoy this shouldn’t overlook the Stan Getz-Boston Pops at Tanglewood, RCA, 1968. It has another composition for Getz by Sauter; two shorter works by David Raskin- Love Is For The Very Young and Song After Sundown; and two pieces by Alec Wilder- Three Ballads for Stan (Suite #1) and Where Do You Go. Burton, Hall, Swallow and Haynes are in the combo, but aren’t featured. My only critique with these works is that Getz or the composers seems to always go to the same ‘place’ in his part of the works. I’m a huge fan of Concert Jazz, but this phenom might explain why sax isn’t popularly used in orchestral concertos. Ibert, Glazunov, Creston, Cheetham, Dahl, others have works. While this may cause a kerfuffle, I feel there’s a failure to get beyond a restricted template in writing sax into ensemble.