Compatible Quotes: Sonny Rollins

Rollins skeptic

. . .this is my dilemma. I’m a guy who makes things up as I go along, so nothing is ever finished; there are so many layers. So when you solo, yeah, you might get into one thing, but then, hey, everything has implications! You can hear the next level. And that’s how I feel about improvising—there’s always another level.

No one is original. Everyone is derivative.

I’ll know when I find the ultimate sound.

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  1. Terence Smith says

    Two quotes came to mind while listening to Saxophone Colossus:

    (1) “Exuberance is beauty.”

    -William Blake

    (2) “Talent is conviction.”

    -variously attributed, used by Andre Gide

    The nice thing about Rollins’ convictions is that he knows inspiration shouldn’t fail him. And it doesn’t.