Making Records The Hard Way

Master 78 RecordFor an idea of what the RCA post-production crew went through half a dozen times to make the two-and-a-half-minute Sidney Bechet record mentioned in the Zeitlin review in the post above, watch these films about the complexities of the record-making process 72 years ago. The narrator is Milton Cross, for 43 years the host of the Metropolitan Opera’s weekly live radio performances.

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  1. mel says

    A most interesting documentary. Having visited a record manufacturing plant in the 1950s, I can remember that the complexities of manufacturing LPs were increased considerably, as the material from which the discs were pressed was completely different and the grooves being much finer than those on the 78s, requiring even more precise procedures to be adhered to and controlled.

    Thank you, Doug for alerting us to these videos.

  2. Charlton Price says

    More on Milton Cross — he used to exoticize and Europeanize everything, even American singers’ names.

    E.g. “Roberta Peters” came out Rrro-BER-tah – Peet-errrs.

  3. Frances says

    Thanks, Doug. Not that I always wondered about “how”, but seeing this makes me even more fully appreciate the old 78’s and 331/3’s I’ve kept.