What Do You Miss?

People aware of my life as a news gypsy sometimes ask, “Don’t you miss New York—New Orleans—San Antonio—San Francisco—Portland—Washington, DC—Los Angeles—Cleveland—?” (Pick one). There are things I miss about each of them. But on a day like today, cycling mile after mile through the back country—the recent 106 degree heat a mere memory—I didn’t miss them at all.

Naches Hwy W 1

Naches Hwy W 2

Ducks 7 6 13

Bike Trail Falls

Still, this evening in my chair with a book, a glass of something and the right piece of music, I may make an exception.

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  1. Valerie Bishop says

    i’ll definitely add my “me, too” but mostly I think I miss NYC in the Sixties. what a time I had. and so grateful for all the jazz legends I saw and heard, sometimes several in one night!

  2. dick vartanian says

    Leave alone his playing and song writing, which are definitely top notch, I can’t think of anyone who is or was a more clever lyricist. This is true genius.

  3. Terence Smith says

    Thank you once again Doug Ramsey.

    Dave Frishberg is a national treasure. His lyrics (and piano, and craftsmanship!) show a particular genius for expressing missing things and reliving things.

    Just to pick a random example , he has great ways of missing and reliving Al and Zoot ( Cohn and Sims).

    And so many of his greatest gifts express fondly missing some part of America, and geographic nostalgias. “Sweet Kentucky Ham” on my mind ! “Let’s Eat Home”.

  4. Dick Unsworth says

    Dave Frishberg is cool —-especially on a hot day! Thanks a bunch, Doug

  5. brian turner says

    The area you have chosen to live in is magnificent, and you appear to embrace all seasons. As for jazz, I feel it is the most important thing available to us. I live for it and the people in the jazz world.

  6. Kenny Harris says

    I loved living in New York, London and Vancouver. My wife, Nell Bassett, was in New York for 35 years at WNEW and NBC. We now live in a little town near the horse racing town of Newmarket in the UK. Our apartment looks over wonderful gardens and a river with ducks and swans paddling. We love it!