Happy Fatha’s Day

earl-hinesEarl “Fatha” Hines, Berlin, 1965, with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, bass; and Alan Dawson, drums.

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  1. says

    Thanks for posting this gem. The Earl’s rhythmic punch is always stunning. He could easily switch between smoothness and roughness like no one else. Like the other Earl, namely Bud Powell, did he rarely look at the keyboard.

    Happy Fatha’s Day to you too.


    Here’s the complete “show”, if you don’t mind:

    The Father & His Sons

    The concert was produced & announced by Joachim-Ernst Berendt whose successor Werner Wunderlich (one of the jazz broadcasters who brought me to jazz) passed away on April 2, 2013.

  2. Terence Smith says

    Earl Hines made every day Fatha’s Day every time he played. Thanks to Doug Ramsey for this inspired choice of an inspired “Memories of You.”

    For those who are not aware, this clip is from Berlin Jazz Piano Workshop 1965 (an Impro-Jazz DVD now available), which also features Teddy Wilson, Bill Evans, John Lewis, Lennie Tristano, and Jaki Byard.

    This is highly recommended film, prime work from all the pianists involved. Earl also does ” I’ve Got the World on a String” with this trio, and there are beautiful exchanges between Teddy Wilson and Earl Hines.

    I think it has often been noted that Earl Hines seemed very cutting-edge and comfortable with the current avant-garde throughout his long career, beginning with work with Louis Armstrong in the 1920s. Fatha cannot be fazed and is always comfortable, it seems. The Berlin 1965 DVD ends with a nice demonstration of this, when it ends with Jaki Byard and Earl Hines “dueling” on “Rosetta.” Hard to say who is the cutting edge in the contest, which presumably was meant to demonstrate that the alpha and the omega of that moment were comfortable with each other within the embracing breadth of the jazz tradition which Fatha did so much to create in the first place.

  3. Dick Unsworth says

    Haven’t heard “Fatha” Hines and bassist Pedersen for ages. Thanks for the treat.

  4. dick vartanian says

    It would be ridiculous to say I can’t play like that – I can’t even think like that. Superb !!