Aperturistic Trio At Tsaritsyno

From time to time, Rifftides reader Svetlana Ilyicheva (pictured) reports about music she hears
Svetlana-Ilicheva-X80 in Moscow. Here are her impressions of the June 12 concert by the visiting American group known as the Aperturistic Trio and their guest, the trumpeter Eddie Henderson. They played at a royal estate that is a splendid reminder of Russia’s pre-revolutionary past.

The third “Classics & Jazz” festival took place at Tsaritsyno with the participation of the AperturisticAperturistic Trio Trio consisting of James Weidman (p), Harvie S (b), Steve Williams (d). A pleasant trio. I especially liked James Weidman. One of the solo pieces he played was “Body and Soul” in an arrangement by Mulgrew Miller as a tribute to the latter. I enjoyed his manner of playing, and his pleasant smiling bespectacled face reminded me of my all-time favorite, Billy Strayhorn.

The peak of the concert was, of course, Eddie Henderson, who joined the trio coming out wrapped in some long cloth over his striped shirt as it was already late evening (the concert started 45 minutes later than it was announced). He looked rather funny in it, but after finishing the first piece he threw it off. Playing warmed him up, I suppose :-). He immediately won over the audience with his delicate sound and melodic pieces.

video by Taberculat

By the way, Henderson lavishly used a plunger mute on other pieces.

Oleg Kireyev, one of our best saxophonists, the organizer of the jazz part of the festival, joined theTsaritino group for one piece. His duet with Eddie Henderson aroused the public’s approval, which they expressed by loud clapping and shrill whistles. The trio sounded very nice when accompanying the trumpeter’s solo.

Though it was raining hard in the morning the second part of the day was sunny and pleasant. The people (there was not an inch of extra room) were sitting on the grass enjoying the weather and music and the surroundings. The surroundings are very beautiful in Tsaritsyno.

  ——Svetlana Ilyicheva

Rifftides thanks Svetlana for her report. Serendipitiously, I just stumbled across a video of Weidman’s performance of “Body and Soul,” posted the day after the concert by ‪Александр Петроченков (his spelling). If you have ever wondered what it is like to attend an outdoor jazz event in Russia in the summer, you may find that—wherever you live—the announcements, the attire and the atmosphere seem familiar.

The Aperturistic Trio’s Truth And Actuality is due for release on the Inner Circle label in late July.

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  1. David says

    What an exquisite recaptured audience shot at 0:59, perfectly illustrating the sentence above the clip. A remarkable amount of rhythmic tension develops beginning with the 2nd chorus of the trumpet solo, with some beautiful superimposistions of 4 over 3 during the piano solo at 4:38, 6:00, and 6:20.