1. Terence Smith says

    I was privileged to be at the Keystone Korner both nights in 1981, when these guys recorded this and “The Dolphins”: Indelible musical moments, one after another.

    I heard Getz turn to the band and say, “Let’s do this one for Billie,” just as they went into “Easy Living.”

    At one point I talked to Lou Levy. He said, “I think our work is finally coming to fruition.”

  2. says

    Caught some splendid jazz here in dusty, windy Albuquerque with the Santa Fe band of pianist Bert Dalton doing
    a tribute to Brubeck which was thorough,witty, beautifully played and fun! The Outpost was packed to the rafters
    with a very knowledgeable crowd of jazz fans. The drummer is a monster! This band should be out on the jazz
    road doing mainstages.