Other Places: A Visit To Jazz Profiles

Steve-CerraSome time ago, Steve Cerra (pictured) flattered me with an interview for his Jazz Profiles weblog. When the piece ran in 2011, it triggered a number of comments. Nonetheless, Steve decided to run it again and posted it today in the left column of his blog. To my delight, he created this montage photo of Jack Brownlow and Don Lanphere, musicians from my hometown who introduced the very young me to Charlie Parker, Villa Lobos, Nat Cole, Fats Navarro and Ravel, among many other musicians who opened my ears.

Bruno - Lamphere StitchedFor more about Brownlow and Lanphere and for a load of observations, opinions and blather from me, click here. While you’re at Steve’s place, read his new items, one about Stan Getz with Chet Baker, another about the canny wordsmith Ken Nordine.

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