Weekend Extra: Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker 1990Just because:

Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone
Joey Calderazzo, piano
Jay Anderson, bass
Adam Nussbaum, drums

Juan Le Pins Jazz Festival, 1990

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  1. John C says

    My favorite tenor player, whom I’ve idolized for years. Funny, I love Desmond for his eloquent simplicity and subtle tone on one end of the spectrum, and Brecker on the other for the incredible fire he always played with and his amazing sound that was a force of nature. That and his adaptability in any given musical situation as a studio player, which is a musical craft I admire. Both of them, though, had exquisite lyricism, while Brecker, of course, had such amazing technical facility at any tempo and depth of modern harmonic complexity. Two very different players from different eras, yet each amazing in their own right. Amazing how differently the saxophone can be approached.

  2. says

    What a loss! Brecker is Fantastic! Calderazzo is also a powerhouse of a pianist; wonderful comping too.

    Is this performance on a CD? It should be.

  3. dick vartanian says

    Paul played very few notes and a whole lot of music. The opposite, as in this case, is quite common.