Nemuri Kyoshirō, Live

Ian Carey playingNo sooner do I review the new Ian Carey album (see the previous exhibit) than “Nemuri Kyoshirō” pops up on YouTube with moving pictures of another installment of that Evan Francis (tenor sax)-Kasey Knudsen(alto sax) blues chase and fresh solos by Carey and pianist Adam Shulman. We get a bonus (?)—occasional shots out the window of Oakland at night.

If you are wondering about the name of that tune, Nemuri Kyoshirō is the hero of a series of novels by Renzaburo Shibata. He is described as, “a sleepy-eyed outlaw swordsman, the son of a Japanese mother and a foreign father, who was conceived during a Black Mass.

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  1. says

    Every time we play this song, Evan loves to make me tell the story of how in the movies, Kyoshiro tries to avoid fighting people (because he’s lazy) but they force him into it, and as he walks off after reluctantly killing everyone, someone shouts, “KYOOSHIROOOO!!” (my impression of which always gets a laugh).

    Thanks for the multiple mentions today!