Marian McPartland!

McP BDI missed Marian McPartland’s birthday. Now, she’s 95 plus one day, and I wish her all the best. Here she is in 1955 with her Hickory House trio, Bill Crow on bass, Joe Morello on drums (courtesy of Steve Cerra’s Jazz Profiles), then in solo with her ballad “Afterglow” at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1975.

Happy birthday, McP. You’re a treasure.

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  1. Valerie Bishop says

    just started reading Marian’s book and i am enjoying it immensely. bravo to Paul de Barros for doing an amazing job writing about an amazing life.

  2. Bill Crow says

    Treasure indeed! I haven’t spoken to her lately, but I run across her on Facebook all the time. Still a classy lady.