Compatible Quotes: Kumquats

And you thought kumquats have had no effect on popular culture. How about a kumquat, my little chickadee?—W.C. Fields, My Little Chickadee (1940) You'—The Fantasticks (1960) We should be dancing, I agree, my little kumquat—The Stunt Man (1980) … [Read more...]

Odds And Ends: Well, Actually, Two Odds And A Video At The End

Kumquats 1

KUMQUATS In Los Angeles, we had a kumquat tree. Every winter it gave us a crop of the tangy little citrus globules. After we moved north to apple country, I missed the kumquats. One day a couple of summers ago, my wife returned from a shopping expedition with a fledgling kumquat tree in a pot. She found it at a Home Depot, of all places. What the heck, she said, it may not survive in this climate, but it’s worth a try. In spring, summer and fall, we keep it on the deck. In winter, it sits in … [Read more...]