Other Places: Coltrane On “Jazz Profiles”

Readers of jazz web logs know that one of the most consistently informative and satisfying blogs is Steve Cerra’s Jazz Profiles. Steve specializes in pieces about important John Coltrane = Prestige Jazz Profiles -01musicians from all eras and styles. He complements them with sidebar features and bolsters them with inventive videos combining music with graphics that tell a story. His current feature is about John Coltrane’s recordings for the Prestige label. He chose to make my essay in the massive Prestige Coltrane box set the primary text of the piece.

The accompanying sidebar is an interview from several months ago in which Steve’s skillful questions got me to talking about people and events from my past. He even persuaded me to name “favorites,” something I thought I had sworn long ago to avoid.

But the Coltrane essay is the main event, and Steve includes an illustrated video whose sound track is Trane’s lovely ballad performance of “Time After Time.” To see and hear Steve Cerra’s Coltrane Jazz Profile, go here.

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  1. Mike Harris says

    I was unaware of your essay on Coltrane, and found it not only perceptive, but admirably eloquent in describing some of those things about the jazz experience that are so difficult to express in words—i.e., how the listener processes, and utilizes, the emotional insight & turmoil (positive or negative) that the artist is sharing.

    Cerra’s interview with you is also most interesting.