Jim Wilke’s Northwest Christmas

If you are yearning for Christmas music, it isn’t hard to find. Walk into a supermarket, park at a service station pump or step into an elevator. Whether the stuff piped into commercial establishments suits your taste is beside the point; they give you no choice. This weekend, Jim Wilke won’t give you a choice, either, but considering the proclivities of Rifftides readers, his selections are more likely to meet your criteria than those of the lowest-common-denominator marketers who program satellites and dentists’ offices. Here is Mr. Wilke’s illustrated announcement about his next Jazz Northwest. You may wish to mark your calendar.


Jim Wilke shares some of his favorite CDs for the holidays by Northwest jazz musicians who’ve appeared often on the program…. Don Lanphere, The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Ernestine Anderson, Dave Peck, Greta Matassa, Barney McClure and others. Listen to this December celebration featuring some our favorite musicians playing holiday music and support Jazz Northwest, Sunday afternoons at 2 Pacific Time on 88.5, KPLU and kplu.org.

The cover on the original issue of Lanphere’s 1989 Christmas album showed him playing his horn (above left). The new one suits the season. The album is one of the late saxophonist’s finest.

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  1. says

    Jim and Doug; thanks for bringing attention to this lovely record – Don played his heart on this one, and it was fun to play on. We did this at the Music Source, a Seattle studio on E. Pike St, and pretty much did it ‘old school,’ meaning recorded everything on one long session, which is the way Don worked. Good to think of Don and Midge this time of the year.

    Happy Holiday,