Other Matters: Strategic Withdrawal & Good Advice

If all had gone as planned, in a few hours I would be on an airplane headed east. A bunch of us who wrestled our commissions from the United States Marine Corps a few years ago were going to have a reunion at Quantico, Virginia, the scene of the struggle. Hurricane Sandy put an end to that. Along with countless other events, she wiped out the reunion and is making life inconvenient— to say the least—for 50 million people in and near her path. If you and your loved ones are among them and there is any chance that you’re in danger, please take the advice of Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, one of the dozen states in peril from the storm: “Don’t be stupid. Get out.”

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    • Doug Ramsey says

      I’ll keep that in mind as I gaze out the window at Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, two of the world’s potentially active and most dangerous volcanoes. Around here, we tend to remember their neighbor Mount St. Helens.

      We don’t have hurricanes or tsuanimis, that’s true, but everybody has something.

  1. C. Anthony Burrell, II says

    Irony #1 – we are here visiting family in the Seattle area, whereas we live in Maryland about 50 some odd miles from DC. We left on the 23rd, so hope that we have a flight home by the 3rd of November. Sitting in a hotel in SeaTac right now as I send this. Earlier today, was at the Space Needle and several other sites at the Seattle Center. Noticed that the background music at the Chihuly Museum was some very good mainstream jazz (along with the impressive glass sculptures)! Found KPLU on the rental car radio, so that was a treat.

    Went to Snoqualmie Falls after that and they had Tito Puente (playing Ran Kan Kan), among other jazz artists on the sound system in the gift shop :-) Went back to Seattle while listening to some Shelly Manne at the Blackhawk and at Shelly’s Manne-Hole on my I-Pod plugged into the car stereo. Classic stuff, to say the least.

    Irony#2 – I was at Quantico on the 19thof October removing some broadband equipment from one of the facilities there

    Irony#3 – we are thinking of going to Mt. Rainier tomorrow or to Portland, Ore. for a day trip Last year, when we visited Seattle, we went to Mt. St. Helens -has snow on the ground on June the 6th, 2011. Several years back, we could not go to Mt.Rainier due to the weather, so we’ll see what we do tomorrow, once we wake up that is :-).

    So, I keep in contact with the folks back home as we enjoy the pleasant weather here in the Seattle area. It did not even rain today:-)

  2. says

    So sorry for the reunion fallen through, Doug.

    Yes, “everybody has something” … how true!

    We have a new Cologne subway line under construction; it was supposed to be finished last year. But now, the date will be approximately in 2019. Why?

    Because of this: The archive catastrophe in 2009.

    And we have earthquakes too.