Missing Diz

I have no intention of posting about every jazz person’s birthday. There are other sites on the web for that. I have every intention of acknowledging Dizzy Gillespie’s 95th, which is today.

The video below finds him sitting in with Johnny Griffin’s quartet at Châteauvallon, France, in August of 1971. Gillespie was 53 and at a peak of one of the great playing periods of his life. Vince Benedetti is the pianist, Alby Cullaz the bassist, Arthur Taylor the drummer. The same band appears on the Griffin DVD that is a current Rifftides recommendation (see the right-hand column). This piece, “I’ll Remember April,” is not included in the DVD.

Dizzy Gillespie, 1919-1993

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  1. Terence Smith says

    “I’ll Remember April, and be glad”…or in this case, ecstatic.

    Thanks, Dizzy and Company.

  2. says

    Belated Happy Birthday, master Dizzy! — Diz blessed the world with his inspiring presence for more than 75 years. I miss him too; can’t tell you how much.

    And although I’m feeling not “ecstatic” about it – ’cause for me it was the most natural thing to do -, I’m very happy that I grabbed the chance to meet this wonderful human being. I’m still wondering why not one single of my fellow students did that, too.

    The 20th year after Dizzy will begin on January 6, 2013. Thanks to hundreds of recordings, of films, and books, his legacy will stay alive ‘n’ boppin’. The torch will be passed on, Diz, you can be sure about that.