CD: Diana Krall

Diana Krall: Glad Rag Doll (Verve)

Krall takes a side trip into the 1920s and shows a bit of thigh on the album cover. Evidently, that’s all it takes to get the music business stirred up and the tweets and sales figures flying. How’s the music? Not bad. On some tracks, she has fun. On others—well, how much uplift could anyone get from “Here Lies Love?” The harmonies, if not the lyric, of “Let it Rain” inspire animation in her voice. Glad Rag Doll won’t replace Live In Paris, but the collection is interesting, a bit odd and worth more than one hearing.

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  1. SeptemberintheRain says

    That’s an excellent album, and without the tiresome Buddy Miller country tune ‘Wide River to Cross’ (not from the 20’s) it would be an even better one. Btw: Jazz blogger Bruno Leicht has compiled a whole lot of the originals in a top-notch posting.

  2. says

    I wouldn’t disagree with your “interesting, a bit odd and worth more than one hearing” but for my more jazz-flavoured taste, I have enjoyed more, “Do Something” from Hanna Richardson and Phil Flanigan, which takes a somewhat similar genre – this time from the Thirties – and has a lot more fun. Superbly crafted gems, each with a new timeless twist both vocally and instrumentally, with Randy Reinhart and other friends. Already played four times in two weeks.