CD: Ben Webster, Joe Zawinul

Ben Webster and Joe Zawinul: Soulmates (Riverside OJC)

Long after Ben Webster became famous and when the pre-Weather Report Joe Zawinul was laboring as a sideman, the immigrant Austrian pianist and the seasoned tenor saxophonist became pals. In 1963 they made this album, a product of their friendship and a reminder of what a splendid mixing bowl for jazz New York was in those days. Philly Joe Jones is the drummer, Sam Jones and Richard Davis split the bass duties, Thad Jones plays cornet on half the numbers. The music is timeless and comforting. Soulmates is not a reissue. How long it will still be available is anybody’s guess.

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  1. Terence Smith says

    Gotta get this!

    BTW, in the late Weather Report days, Zawinul gave an interview in which he said he had worked out a new development for the jazz-piano tradition, a new left-hand approach, I think “of voicings”.. The interviewer asked him to describe the new style, and he said, wait for my upcoming solo and trio releases. Would anyone have insight which albums these were, or if they came to be?

    Zawinul’s style was ALWAYS good!

    EVERY great pianist maybe should have been alloted recording time with Ben Webster. He seemed to bring out the best comping in Duke, Jimmy Rowles, Jimmy Jones, and everybody else lucky enough to play with him—

  2. Terence Smith says

    Oops, I can’t believe I forgot ART TATUM playing with BEN WEBSTER, a match made in heaven-